Primary Talk Licensed Tutor Training

Course Overview

Date Monday, March 12, 2018 - 10:30
Duration One Day
Location I CAN Central Office - 31 Angel Gate, Goswell Road, London, EC1V 2PT
Reference PTLT120318
Licensed Tutor - Primary Talk - Enhancing Communication, Licensed Tutor - Primary Talk - Supporting Communication
Age Range Primary school (5-11)
Availability Places available
Course description: 


Primary Talk Licensed Tutor training is a one day course lasting approximately 5 hours. It will enable you to deliver both Primary Talk Supporting Communication and Primary Talk Enhancing Communication courses to primary school staff.

This Licensed Tutor training includes and exploration of the training materials and how best to deliver them in school together with an opportunity to consider how to use this to support whole school development in speech, language and communication in order to improve outcomes for all children, including those with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

As with all our licensee training, we will also provide an overview of what it means to be an I CAN licensee and the range of support you can expect from I CAN.

Primary Talk training is an evidence informed whole school training programme at universal (Supporting Communication) and targeted (Enhancing Communication) levels for staff working with children aged 5-11.

Primary Talk training can help schools to create an environment that develops the spoken language skills of all children, and ensures effective school based provision for children with SLCN. It improves staff knowledge and understanding of speech, language and communication and embeds learning through follow-up activities and a personal action plan.

Primary Talk training is aimed at teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs and school staff who have an active role in the classroom and is offered at two levels.


Primary Talk – Supporting Communication

Who is it for?

A course for those working with primary school children giving staff the skills needed to create a communication supportive environment and identify those with SLCN.

The training will enable participants to develop their knowledge and understanding of typical development in speech, language and communication; ideas and strategies to support all pupils’ spoken language skills; and an introduction to identifying pupils with SLCN.


Primary Talk – Enhancing Communication

Who is it for?

A course which builds on existing speech, language and communication knowledge and skills for those working with primary school children and also aims to develop skills to support children with SLCN.

The training will enable participants to increase their existing knowledge of SLCN for primary school children and adapt a range of approaches and strategies to create an enhanced communication supportive environment for children with SLCN.

For more information about the Primary Talk training programme click here


What does a Primary Talk Tutor do?

  • Delivers the Primary Talk training programme to primary school staff. These courses consist of three sessions that can be delivered over one day or in three twilights.
  • Is instrumental in developing an interactive learning environment and combining the information with discussions and tasks.
  • Links theory to practice and differentiates the materials to make them relevant to all staff.
  • Supports the school to develop a whole school approach to speech, language and communication by introducing a variety of actions that can change practice including the use of follow-up activities and developing personal action plans and linking speech, language and communication to appraisals and lesson observations.

Licensed Tutors shall use their best endeavours to deliver Primary Talk to as many schools as possible.


Primary Talk Licensed Tutor training inclusive of resources is £200

Annual Licence Fee is £60 inc VAT


Information About Booking

If you can click on the 'Book Now' button below, this means that you have applied to become an I CAN Licensee and have been approved to become an PrimaryTalk Licensed Tutor.

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3) Your application was not successful to become an Primary Talk Licensed Tutor. Please check your online account to see which products you are approved for.

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