Primary Talk School Toolkit


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The Primary Talk School Toolkit is a resource to help schools develop the important area of speech, language and communication. These spoken language skills are an essential part of learning and development, and are best addressed through a whole school approach.

The Primary Talk School Toolkit includes:

  • An audit tool: to get schools started by reviewing how they currently support spoken language
  • An action planning tool: areas that are highlighted from the audit then become actions for whole school development
  • Additional supporting documents including ideas for strategies and resources

Document list:

  1. Primary Talk School Toolkit introduction
  2. Primary Talk School Toolkit audit
  3. Action plan template
  4. Template for recording spoken language data (all children) – this is from “Communicating the Curriculum” produced by The Communication Trust and is included as an example.
  5. Additional guidance: Leadership and management; Quality of teaching and learning; Identification and tracking; Personal development, behaviour and welfare; Outcomes for children (5 separate documents)
  6. Additional guidance: Developing a school policy on SLCN
  7. Commissioning guidance
  8. SLCN Indicator checklist
  9. Strategies and resources
  10. Learning log template
  11. Case study template
  12. Classroom environment checklist
  13. Pupil feedback form

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