Talking Strategies KS2


This well informed guide provides teachers and teaching assistants with a wide range of strategies for improving communication skills; by supporting spoken language in the primary classroom within the different curriculum areas.

The guide explores 12 strategies for improving communication skills in the classroom, each with a practical example of how it works across different subjects. It also provides valuable top tips to support communication development within the classroom. The strategies include:


  1. Good listening skills
  2. Saying when you don’t understand
  3. Clarification: learn to recognise and ask when things don’t make sense
  4. Thinking time strategies
  5. Talking with a partner
  6. Using visual support for tasks and routines
  7. Targeting and praising speaking and listening skills
  8. Questioning techniques
  9. Vocabulary strategies: repetition and visual methods
  10. Vocabulary strategies: core and extensive vocabulary
  11. Modelling Language
  12. Talking with each other

Also included are a suite of readymade resources to bring each strategy to life. This includes:

  • Set of reminder cards covering each of the strategies
  • Classroom environment checklist
  • Photocopiable lesson plan template
  • Classroom posters to engage the pupils
  • Reminder cards for paired work
  • Visual organiser templates
  • Rating scale for pupils to show their level of understanding
  • Poster and template for developing vocabulary
  • Sentence starter cards
  • Role cards for group work

For a limited time only you can download the first strategy FREE - Exploring Good Listening Skills.

Activity Card Set
Age Range: 
Primary Years
Resource Target: 
Communication Needs: 
Speech, language and communication

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